Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Editing Apps: Rhonna Designs

We asked our facebook fans what their favorite photo editing apps are. 

 Here is a list of what was said:
  • Rhonna Designs
  • Pic Fx
  • Snap Seed
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • Over
  • Typic
  • Picstitch
  • Cymera
  • Afterlight

I decided to test some of these apps out, and I found that Afterlight is a super user friendly system and I was really pleased with it. Well worth the 99 cents!

I am also in love with Rhonna Designs. Today I want to show you a peek at what Rhonna Designs can do. 

I love her style! She has the cutest fonts and graphics to add to your photos. She makes things really user friendly. This app would be great scrapbook, or just simply posting your pictures on facebook and instagram. I haven’t played around a lot with this app, but here are a few simple things I did with a few existing photos I had. Her little touches really adds to the pictures!

We would love to see some of the pictures you have edited using this app.   

- Jenny

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